This is a timeline of the places Holden visits in the novel.

  • Pency Prep School, Agerstown, Pennsylvania
  • Train on the way to New York
  • Penn Station
  • Edmont Hotel
  • Lavender Room
  • Ernie's Jazz Club, Greenwich Village
  • Central Park
  • Museum of Natural History
  • Biltmore Hotel
  • Radio City
  • Wicker Bar in the Seton Hotel
  • Lagoon in Central Park
  • Apartment
  • Mr. Anatolini's Apartment
  • Grand Central Station
  • Phoebe's School
  • Central Park Zoo
  • Mental Institution
  • For an interactive view of Holden's adventures in New York City, click on the link below:
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A video showing Holden's Adventures in New York City.